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My philosophy is to be very responsive and communicative with clients, to diligently advance their interests, and to strive to reflect the highest standards of the legal profession on a daily basis.

I am proud of my calling as a trial lawyer and am committed to advancing
the cause of a more just society.

I believe that all trial lawyers have a special responsibility to not only do our best on behalf of our clients, but to also be the defenders of our system of justice and the right of trial by jury.

As such, in representing individuals and families who have been harmed as the result of negligence, recklessness, or other

wrongful conduct, I seek to both obtain full and fair compensation for my clients and promote other important societal goals, to include greater respect for the judicial process, enhanced safety of the general public, and positive changes in the law.

I understand that while the civil justice system should consistently provide a level playing field, serious barriers to justice exist because of disproportionate influence wielded by the wealthy and powerful (such as giant corporations and industries), and wronged individual victims of negligence or misconduct are, therefore, urgently in need of high quality representation to balance

the scales.  I believe that success comes from hard work, preparation, and  commitment.

As opposed to the prevailing culture of the medical profession in which many physicians are aggressively opposed to the demands of
justice (for example, routinely refusing to acknowledge personal responsibility for mistakes or testify as to matters potentially detrimental to the interests of their colleagues), I believe lawyers have a fundamental obligation to steadfastly uphold the standards of our own profession.

This is why the representation of individuals harmed by legal malpractice or lawyer misconduct is one of the primary elements of my practice.

Finally, I appreciate the unique opportunities that lawyers
have to contribute to the greater good by community service, political engagement, and other public interest activities, and I strive to consistently embrace such opportunities.